Seafood Paradise (Dim Sum)

I went with two of my friends Josh and Ryan. It was actually Ryan's first time having dim sum.

One of the funniest moments was when I ordered a tray of egg tarts (there are three egg tarts per order). I ate one. I broke one in half for Ryan to try. He doesn't really like it. Talking about it's egg flavor deters Josh from having some, even though he's tried it before. I ate another full one, and broke the remaining half in half. Ryan and I try to get Josh to eat it. Eventually he does, and he liked it and took the remaining quarter.

Shumai (xíu mại)

I don't eat any shumai. I have two or three bad associations with it. I might try it again one day, but not anytime soon.

Har gow

I love har gow! When people order equal orders of shumai and har gow, I'll substitute my split of the shumai for the har gow.

Kai-lan (cải làn or cải rổ)

Honey walnut shrimp

I can't remember how great this walnut shrimp was, but in general, I love walnut shrimp. I don't know how to describe how crunchy it should be, but there's definitely an ideal crunchiness.

Char siu (xá xíu)

Rice noodle roll (similar to bánh cuốn

I love this stuff.

Egg tart

My go-to dessert for dim sum!


Seafood Paradise

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