Orange County Fair 20110810

My second time at the fair this year! Yay! See Food Orange County Fair 20110715 for more food goodness (or badness) at the fair.

First up we have a picture of signs advertising Fried Kool-Aid, Fried Klondike, Fried Twinkies, and Fried Oreo. I've had the fries Oreos before.

Next is a picture of a sign advertising Deep Fried Butter. My friend and I thought about this the entire day. We were slightly interested in the Deep Fried Beer Battered Bacon.

We walked by and saw a sushi place. This was definitely new for us. My friend joked there must be something fried on the menu. Then I glanced and said there wasn't. He pointed out the bottom right hand corner "*OPTIONAL DEEP FRIED - $2". Wow.

Sausage. Yum. We split this.

We split this bottle of beer called Primo.

A chicken sandwich, but with a jelly-filled Krispy Kreme donut as the bun. It's DELICIOUS! It's too bad we split it. I would have loved eating the whole thing.

Of course, the story of the day is about the deep-fried butter. Prior to getting it, I was telling my friend that the deep-fried butter will be a stick of butter that's been frozen and then dipped in batter and fried. I told him it would be easy to try and make at home. "What if you fail to make it delicious?" he asked. "True."

So then he called up two of our friends to ask how unhealthy deep-fried butter would be compared to an ice cream sundae. Like the occasional phone-a-friend on Who Wants to Be A Millionaire, we got no useful information out of the calls and were left to continue our debate among ourselves.

Finally, for the sake of trying something new, we decide to get the deep-fried butter. Unfortunately, the intriguing and mysterious deep-fried butter turned out to be just a churro with butter inserted prior to being deep-fried. Did they get our order right? Yes, I checked and we had in our tray two pieces of "deep-fried butter."

Having raised our hopes up for a deep-fried stick of butter, we were disappointed. In any case, we each took a piece a gave this so-called deep-fried butter a try. Unfortunately, it tasted as described above: a churro with a lot of butter. Fortunately, the creme on top helped balance the richness of the butter and the chips at the bottom were tasty.

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