Ebisu Ramen

Before coming here, my friends considered some alternatives: driving all the way to Curry House, which my friend Josh loves, but I can only order non-curry dishes, and going to Genghis Khan Mongolian BBQ nearby, where I think the food is just average.

Chris never ate at Genghis Khan before, but Josh and I never ate at Ebisu Ramen before. Josh doesn't like noodles, but Chris said there are some curry dishes available. With all factors under consideration, we decided to go to Ebisu Ramen.

Unfortunately, we were dissatisfied with the place. I recall my ramen being average and thinking I could whip up a similar quality bowl of (instant) ramen at home. Note that both Genghis Khan and Ebisu Ramen currently have approximately the same 3.5 rating on Yelp.

I recalled my friends liking their dishes even less than I liked my ramen. As a result, I don't think any of us are coming back to Ebisu Ramen.

At some point we told our tale to a friend and she agreed (either from experience or from what she's heard) that our decision to go to Ebisu was a mistake.

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Ebisu Ramen

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