Huong Giang Restaurant

I wrote: "The banh uot BBQ is good. I'm usually cautious with the oils used. It might have helped that I had a Claritin this morning. Maybe that made it okay. The spicy fish sauce helps too." 1:36 PM PDT

Bánh ướt BBQ. I didn't dare try the sauce, but my parents suggested I include it in the picture. (20120610)

I wrote: "Huong Giang near Stater Bros. Bun bo hue. I like it. Nice smell. But my dad said something about it not having the red and something called ruoc." 1:53 PM PDT

Bún bò Huế (20120610)

After some searching, I determined that bun bo hue typically needs mắm ruốc, which is Vietnamese fermented shrimp paste. This one blog post I came across summarizes the essentials to a bowl of bun bo hue, and how it contrasts with a bowl of pho. The post says the soup gets its red from annatto seeds. Within that post I found a separate page dedicated entirely to mắm ruốc. Now I know a little more about bun bo hue.

My dad ordered the combination platter which has a little of everything. Perhaps next time I'll get that.

Combination platter. Includes bánh nậm, bánh bèo, and bánh bột lọc. (20120610)


Today my dad and I went here for lunch. We each had a large bowl of bun bo hue. It was really good. The broth was flavorful and had a lovely smell. Either I was hungry or the noodle soup was good, because I even consumed all the broth. 11:44AM PT


Huong Giang Restaurant

Bún bò Huế (20140107)

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