Taqueria Mexico

We came here after watching a late night showing of Pixar's Brave (2012).


I can't believe I haven't eaten here yet! Especially considering how much one of my friends absolutely loves this place. Now that I've been here, I'd have to say I love it too.

Chorizo (20120628)

I wrote: "The carnitas taco is good. Pic 2. The BBQ pork taco is better. Pic 3. The chorizo taco is best. Pic 1." 1:20 AM PDT

Carnitas (20120628)

Since it was my first time coming to Taqueria, I decided to just stick with the basics. I got two of each, each with everything on it, some with green sauce and some with red sauce.

BBQ pork (20120628)


Taqueria Mexico


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