Saigon Grill

This is one of those circumstances where a high Yelp rating warranted a visit, but the visit ended poorly. I prefer the opposite extreme: bad reviews, but restaurant ends up being great.

Actually, I was a little hesitant to come to Saigon Grill despite the four star rating it received on Yelp. Various reviews I read put it on par with Mon Ami, the restaurant next door. I liked Mon Ami the first one or two times I came, but no longer liked it on subsequent visits.

Cha ca thang long.

Yelp Review: (**...)
The bo luc lac sauce is good, but the beef itself is just okay. I don't like how the tomatoes were cut into thick slices instead of small cubes. I skipped out on eating some of the tomatoes. Then while mushrooms were good, the bell peppers didn't seem to fit the dish.

My sister's crab rolls tasted like egg rolls. My aunt ordered the same dish and had the same thought.

The cha ca thang long wasn't colored yellow and wasn't tasty. It certainly didn't compare with the cha ca thang long from Ha Noi Restaurant (?).

This is one of those places that charge fifty cents for ice water.

The restaurant was pretty vacant considering the time of day. Overall my family didn't like it.

Crab rolls.


Saigon Grill

Bo luc lac.

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