Stoney River Steakhouse and Grill

We came to the restaurant around 6:00.

My steak (20140530)

Steak medium rare. Seth's was medium and tasted better. Both were coffee cured. Mine was salty on the outside.

Lan's prime rib was also salty.

The au gratin potatoes were delicious. Mashed potatoes with grilled onions were also good. So delicious.

I was a little upset with the salty steak.

The appetizers were good, but I'd probably pass on them in the future.

My sister's plate (20140530)


Tasty bread, delicious butter. Six pieces.

Coffee cured steak tasted salty at first, but had a delicious flavor.

My dad's Stoney River steak was good, and my sister's medallion was unfortunately cooked over and perhaps closer to medium than medium rare.

I didn't like the crab cake.

The sugar bits added to the sweet potatoes were tasty (probably brown sugar).

My sister's twice baked potato was good because of the cheese.

Bread (20140530)

The onion potato was alright. 4:06PM ET.

The best to worst was the sweet potato, cure coffee steak (had a distinct flavor), spinach, my dad's steak, twice baked potato is tied with the caramel onion potato, my sister's steak, and finally the crab cake. 4:26PM ET

Stoney River Steakhouse and Grill

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