Spring Fair 2013

This year at the Spring Fair I bought three buttons, two jars of salsa, and a vinyl record. On Saturday I went out to buy a Wild Bill mug, but unfortunately they ran out of the ones branded with the Spring Fair logo. Having obtained a Wild Bill mug from the previous years, I am hoping to find a friend who is willing to part with his/her mug.

Caramel & Apple Funnel Cake

I was on my way to buy tickets and ran into a guy who sold me three $3 tickets at $2 a piece. Great deal.

Beer Garden - Angry Orchard Crisp Apple
Beer Garden - ?

Fried Milky Way


"Drunken Noodle" and "Chicken on Stick" from I Heart Thai
Apples & Caramel Funnel Cake
Beer Garden - Blue Moon
Beer Garden - ?

Chicken on a Stick and Vegetable Lo Mein


Fried Milky Way
: This was pretty good. I had a bite before eating lunch. Then I had a couple more bites after I ate lunch. I ate the rest of it at the beer garden. The chocolate is warm, and the caramel feels gooer than when eating a plain milky way. And finally, the fried batter complements the warm milky way much better than it compliments a warm oreo.

"Vegetable Lo Mein" and "Marinated Chicken on a Stick" from Thai Thai by Tarin Thai Cuisine
: The lo mein was excessively oily. The chicken had some flavor on the exterior, but the interior was bland and had this smooth texture that I found strange. I'm more of a shredded chicken/pork/beef type of person, and so I like my chicken on a stick to pull apart into shredded pieces. I like the chicken on a stick from I Heart Thai better.

Beer Garden - Flying Dog Classic Pale Ale
Beer Garden - Samuel Adams Boston Lager
Beer Garden - George Killian's Irish Red

Chicken on a Stick and Drunken Noodle

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