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After walking around Antwerpen and having gotten a great view of it from atop the MAS (Museum Aan de Stroom), my friends and I briskly make our way to Brasserie Den Artist, where reservations for dinner had been made. According to Google maps, this trip would have taken just over half an hour to walk, but we help cut down on commute by catching a bus. This saves approximately 10 minutes.

In any case, I recall the restaurant being spacious and well-lit. Granted it was still day outside, but the place had big windows and it was right on the corner so light comes in from two separate faces. As the menu was entirely in Dutch, I could say the place was definitely not a tourist trap. A big thanks to my friends and acting tour guides for translating a bulk of the menu and giving their recommendations. While there was much to choose from, I decided on getting the "stoofpotje vol-au-vent," because it was suppose to be a common Belgium dish. Upon writing this blog post, I found that the term vol-au-vent is used for a hollow puff pastry. So a chicken and mushroom vol-au-vent would likely imply such a pastry with a chicken and mushroom filling. I would then assume one of the following: 1) what I ordered was not the stoofpotje vol-au-vent, 2) the word stoofpotje does not mean stew, 3) stoofpotje vol-au-vent is a misnomer. However, after doing a Google image search for stoofpotje, I would believe stoofpotje more or less translates to stew.

Menu Description:
Stoofpotje Vol-au-Vent met frietjes € 17.90
Stew Vol-au-Vent with fries

After the above conversation, I suppose it's appropriate to quote Shakespeare: "What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet." Indeed, this dish by any other name, would taste as I thought it to taste and smell as I thought it to smell: "This essentially tastes like cream of mushroom with chicken. The chicken is soft. The sauce is good, and the chicken is delicious when soaked in it. Oh, and the dish smells good too."

Menu Description:*
Stoofpot van gehaktballen en zomerse groentjes in tomatensaus € 17.50
Stew of meatballs and summer vegetables in tomato sauce
*I think this is what A.C. ordered.

As a cultural side note, tipping is not common in Belgium and so while prices might seem expensive, the workers are well-paid, and one can think of the cost of dinner as having tip included. This also means, which I like, the waiter/waitress mostly leaves you alone during your meal. By mostly I mean that the only reason he/she would probably approach you is to ask if you want another drink. Then I was also informed you typically let the waiter/waitress know when you want the bill as opposed to him/her asking. It's nice, because these practices form a relaxing and peaceful eating experience.

Menu Description:
Stoofpot gehakballen in Gueuze met gest.witloof € 17.50
Meatball stew in Gueuze with Belgium endive (witloof)


Brasserie Den Artist

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