Hostaria Al Gladiatore

I believe the first I had to drink here at Hostaria was a flute of champagne. Then there was red and white wine on the table, but drinks were included and other beverages could be ordered.

As such, in addition to the wine, my sister and I got Coca-Cola and Fanta to make ourselves some Spezi. Being in Italy, I decided it would be fitting to also have a bottle of Peroni. After dessert I had a caffe espresso and after that a glass of grappa.

Unfortunately, my shirt also had a glass of grappa when the server accidentally spilled some on me. Actually, I can't quantify how much was spilled on me, but I felt as if my shirt was drenched in grappa! When it first spilled on me the smell was overwhelming, but my nose adjusted and I would only smell my grappa-soaked shirt every now and then. While full of laughter and cracking jokes over the accident, I had wondered how a stranger would react if they passed by and got a whiff of me.

I wrote: "The grappa goes down real smooth. There's no burn and there's a sweet aftertaste. It's not intense like some liquor which burn as they go down the throat."

Note that I've had grappa once before: 20110822.

The food here at Hostaria Al Gladiatore was delicious and the live entertainment was a delight. The only thing that ever slightly tainted the evening was being soiled with grappa.


Hostaria Al Gladiatore

There was a good view of the Colosseum from the restaurant window.

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