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Ordered the mango trout (spicy) and the drunken noodles with beef (spicy).

The mango trout was delicious. The fish itself was typically good due to the sauce that covered it. For the most part, it was like a sweeter tasting fish sauce, perhaps due to use of mango or tomato. Now that I think about it, I'm almost certain a good portion of the taste is coming from the mango. In any case, the fish isn't overly spicy and its good to eat with the fruit and vegetable on top of it.

Drunken Noodles with Beef (20141004)

Also, for the record (I didn't completely remember at the time), I can eat cashews and cashews go well with the mango trout.

After many bites of mango trout, I moved onto the drunken noodles. Unlike the trout, the noodles were overly spicy. While this might appeal to some people, I would have preferred them to be right in between their current level of spiciness and the spiciness of the mango trout, if not less spicy.

Finally, the beef that accompanied the noodles were satisfyingly tasty.

Menu Description:
Drunken Noodles Pan-fried thick rice noodles, cabbages, red bell peppers, chili, yellow onions and basil

Mango Trout (20141004)

Most of the food doesn't have peanuts, but anything can be prepared without (namely the pad thai).
When asked about spiciness, I had asked about sesame oil and I vaguely remember the waiter saying they don't use it. I did, however, seem to react to something.

Today I ordered the BBQ stuffed prawn. Eating it with a fork and knife, I ate the first piece without sauce; it was pretty good!

Initially I thought the sauce was a fish sauce, but its more like a sweet and sour sauce!

BBQ Stuffed Prawn (20141018)

Later I squeezed some lemon on some pieces, and that was good too.

The Red Lamb Curry with Pumpkin had a strong, overwhelming taste - not spicy, but strong. The lamb itself was also good. Overall, the curry had a good blend of ingredient. Unfortunately, the sauce didn't sit well in my stomach.

Full from the prawns, I took the bulk of the curry to go. 3:02PM PT

Menu Description:
BBQ Stuffed Prawn Jumbo prawns stuffed with chicken, cilantro, and garlic served with sweet & sour sauce.

Red Lamb Curry with Pumpkin (20141018)


Today I went here for takeout and got the pad see ew. At first the pad see ew tasted amazing. But after a couple of bites, I got that funny tingling sensation (a negative feeling in this situation) that I get for certain foods/ingredients (e.g., sesame oil, peanuts, peas, and other legumes). At that point, I tried to overpower the feeling with my mind. This resulted in a slightly less tingling sensation tingly, and I was able to enjoy the noodles a bit.

Actually, I had a similar sensation with the mango trout (though possibly the drunken noodles) and the the red lamb curry with pumpkin. 9:29PM PT

Pad see ew (20141110)

Originally, I found the slight discomfort and unsettling feeling in my stomach was worth the taste. However, I later felt worse and that feeling was not worth the taste. 20141111 12:54AM PT


Today I came and got a plate of spicy bamboo (mild) with chicken. When the plate came out, I gave it a couple of strong whiffs and the dominating smell was that of carrots. There are, however, a blend of vegetables.

Menu Description:
Spicy Bamboo: Choice of meats sauteed with bamboo, onions, basil, and bell peppers.

Spicy Bamboo with Chicken (20150221)

I like the colors of the dish. Speaking of how the dish looks, I initially didn't recognize the bamboo, because it was cut differently.

In any case, the dish was delicious. I also thought that ordering the dish as just mild was a good choice for me. Furthermore, I would note that I did not get a stomach ache from this dish and level of spiciness. 2:49PM PT

As usual, the restaurant served a complimentary side salad. I love the mustard-based sauce used on it.

Having ordered the chicken pad see ew, I felt a slight discomfort while eating it. I was, however, sick yesterday, so that may have affected my taste. 12:17PM PT

Deciding to try something other than a noodle dish, I ordered the crab meat fried rice. In addition to food, I also had a bottle of Chang Beer.

Menu Description:
Crab Meat Fried Rice: Pan fried rice with crab meat, egg and onions, topped with cilantro and cucumber. $12.50

Crab Meat Fried Rice (20160318)

While I enjoyed this dish, I also found it simple enough to make myself,* especially compared to any of the noodle dishes.

*This has been added to my list of "Things to Cook." In fact, I will also try to make pad see ew and see how cooking the two dishes will compare in regards to time and difficulty.

Last time I came my friend ordered the rad na and it looked delicious. However, I was already set on the crab meat fried rice. In any case, I never had it before and today I remembered to give it a try.

Rad Na (20160329)

Ordered with pork, the amount of sauce makes the dish look almost like soup. While good, I thought there may have been a bit too much fried garlic.*

*I have a light allergy to peanuts, but the visual resemblance of fried garlic to crushed peanuts in Asian dishes has a strong psychological effect on me. Furthermore, too much garlic can also be upsetting. Today, it was more the former.

Today I came here and once again I got the rad na. However, in addition to the entree, I also got the lamb satay as an appetizer.

Lamb Satay (20160409)

When the satay came out, I saw a little sauce dish which was probably peanut-based. Giving it a whiff, I was certain I smelled peanuts and set it aside. The cucumber in pickled water, hwoever, was enough of a side to accompany the flavorful, thought slightly chewy, lamb.

Eating all four sticks of the appetizer, I had actually come close to being full.

In any case, I waited a bit after finishing the appetizer to see if there were any lingering, disatisfying flavors (in particular stemming from the oils used). Thankfully, there didn't seem to be any. 6:47PM PT

BBQ Stuffed Prawns (20141018)

Tiparos Thai Kitchen

Rad Na (20160409)

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