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Today my family and I came to the Anaheim Packing District and it was so crowded that after circling the area for parking, we returned to the main parking area and decided to use the valet.

Fried Cheese Curds

Entering the building, I found that the lines inside were as gruesome as the parking outside. I could only hope that the food would be worth the wait.

After walking around and checking out the various options, my family and I decided to try the food at The Kroft (except for my mom who's vegetarian).

After looking at the menu, we decided to order a prime ribeye dip with cheese, a short rib melt, a porchetta sandwich, and fried cheese curds with pineapple (?) sauce.

Short Rib Melt

First up was the porchetta. It had a great smell and the first bite was really good. The next bite didn't taste as good, but it was still delicious.

Next up was the braised short rib. It was soft, oily, and my taste buds focused on the onion flavors.

Finally, there was the prime ribeye dip with cheese. I thought it wasn't bad and the dip tasted just as good as any prime ribeye dip I've ever had.

Prime Ribeye Dip with Cheese

Overall, I liked the porchetta best, then the braised short rib, and then the prime ribeye dip with cheese. With that being said, they were all tasty.

While I didn't take any notes on the fried cheese curds, I recall they were nice and crisp. The dipping sauce, whose consistency was like ketchup, was also good.

If you've never had fried cheese curds before, I would describe them as shorter mozzarella sticks, and, due to their small size, have a higher crust to cheese ratio.

Prime Ribeye Dip and Short Rib Melt

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The Kroft


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