Easy Creole

Today my friend introduced me to a restaurant called Easy Creole, a Cajun/Creole/Kind Of place whose menu is always changing.

Etouffee (upper left) and Stroganoff (lower right)

From the available menu choices I got a half & half plate: Fire Curry Etouffee with Shrimp and Mr. G's Bacon and Beef Stroganoff.

Keeping my notes to a minimum, I mainly noted that the etouffee (pronounced ay-too-fay) was spicy and tastier than the Stroganoff. While I associate Stroganoff being served with pasta, I learned today that this is not always the case.

Anyhow, both choices were tasty, with the exception of the occasional discomfort and tingling sensation from one of the two dishes.

Fortunately, their melon lemonade was absolutely delicious. 9:11PM PT

With a little room left for dessert, I was planning to order the rice pudding but they had run out. Feeling adventurous, I decided to try the bread pudding.

Though tasty at first, especially when eaten together with the whipped cream, the bread pudding began to acquire a bitter taste.* Feeling full and unable to continue with the bitterness, I left the bread pudding unfinished. 9:25PM PT

*While I had no idea at the time, a little reading suggests that the bitterness may have came from the use of vanilla or a liquor-based sauce (e.g., whiskey or rum).

Easy Creole

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