Bistro Liaison

Looking to try something new, my friend and I decided to eat at Bistro Liaison.

However, even before the food arrived, I couldn't help but make two observations. First, the restaurant host asked us if we had reservations, but the place was empty. Perhaps it's somehow courteous and necessary, but it still confused me.

Second, the names of the menu items are in French, so my friend read them with their proper French pronunciations (he is French), but the waitress didn't understand. While this detail has no bearing on how the food tastes, it does slightly diminish the restaurant's atmosphere. In addition, one could argue the restaurant is simply trying too hard to portray a classy vibe.

In any case, I started with the French onion soup which both smelled good and tasted good. Unfortunately, when the waitress came with my entree, there was an awkward amount of pressure for me to let her take the bowl before I could eat all of it.*

The duck was tender and had a nicely crisped skin, but unfortunately the meat was flavorless. In addition, the potatoes were a bit salty. At least the bread with olives on the inside tasted great. 2:05PM PT

For dessert, whose menu is stamped onto the table, I decided to order a creme brulee. It had a creamy custard taste and did not have an eggy taste. The sugar, however, was a bit burnt. 2:19PM PT

*She came with the entree, but there wasn't really room for it and so I tried to eat more of the soup. I suppose I didn't want to keep her waiting, because I didn't completely finish the soup prior to giving her the bowl.

Bistro Liaison

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