Darn Good Food

Darn Good Food

Lamb Sandwich (20160315)

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Looking through the menu, I ordered a pulled pork sandwich which comes with salad and potatoes. Unfortunately, the potatoes were beginning to cool by the time I got to them. They were, however, well seasoned.

As for the sandwich, the pulled pork was juicy with a sauce whose flavor was dominantly tomato with a bit of salt. Actually, it tasted a bit like V8. The bread was a bit tough. Overall, I liked it. 5:44PM PT

Menu Description:
10-Spice Pulled Pork Sandwich $9.50
10-spice pulled pork, mild chipotle sauce, coleslaw (no mayo). Served with mixed greens and oven roasted potatoes

Pulled Pork Sandwich (20160308)

Eating here last week, I decided to come back and try something else. Between the tri-tip sandwich and the lamb sandwich, I decided to go ahead and try the lamb. While the meat on its own mostly tasted overcooked, the onions were good. Unlike last time, I found the bread was a bit chewy.

As for the potatoes that came with the sandwich, I was a bit disappointed to find they were once again cold by the time I got to them. To be fair, I was in the restroom and the food was ready when I was done, but are potatoes supposed to get cold that quickly? Well, I'll happily take cold potatoes for restroom usage any day.* 5:33PM PT

Menu Description:
Oven Roasted Lamb Sandwich $11.00
Oven roasted leg of lamb, braised kale and onions. Served with mixed greens and oven roasted potatoes

Lamb Sandwich (20160315)

Overall, the portion was reasonably sized considering I'm eating less. However, I would consider the meal overpriced, because the quality was barely above average while the quantity was lacking.

I should also note that the place has plenty of places to sit - most customers seemed to order delivery or get their meal to go.

*The restroom is downstairs and has a keypad which requires a 4-digit code so remember to ask for it before going downstairs.

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