Won Thai Cuisine

For dinner I ordered a chicken pad see ew. It tasted simple and there was not that much sauce. I was, however, surprised upon seeing various cubes of tofu. Maybe every Thai resturant uses tofu in their pad see ew, but I can't say I ever noticed it until today. 6:31PM PT

To drink I got a Thai iced coffee.* Probably heavily mixed with condensed milk/sugar, the drink was sweet and the half-and-half/cream helped reduce the overall sweetness. 6:53PM PT

Overall, the food was good, and the service was good as well.

*At some point I wondered what goes into making a Thai iced coffee and what goes into making a Thai iced tea. However, that will be a post for another day. (Actually, one has been drafted, but I should take some pictures to accompany it. :D)

Won Thai Cuisine

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