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Elephant Sushi

Beastie Boys

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Today was my first time coming to Elephant Sushi and while there were a lot of choices, I quickly gravitated to the sea urchin special called Beastie Boys. Then, looking for something to complement a two-piece nigiri, I also got the Negi Hama.

Menu Description:
Ya Man Roll king salmon, avocado, scallion, fried red onion chips, pesto and ponzu sauce 12

I was offered a piece of the Ya Man Roll and it had an absolutely great taste. If I recall, I didn't dip it in soy sauce/wasabi.

Negi Hama

Menu Description:
White Out hamachi, avocado, topped with seared butter fish & garlic ponzu 15

I was also offered a piece of the White Out. Actually, I'm not sure if it was the White Out, but it had hamachi and the hamachi was delicious. Like the piece of the Ya Man Roll, I probably didn't use any soy sauce/wasabi.

Menu Description:
Negi Hama yellowtail with scallion 7

Unfortunately, the only roll pieces I could offer in return were from my Negi Hama, which was simple and not nearly as flavorful as either the Ya Man Roll or the White Out.

Menu Description:
Beastie Boys sea urchin, ankimo, quail egg & shiso, two piece nigiri 12

And last, but certainly not least, my mouth shouted with joy for the Beastie Boys. The saltiness and texture of the sea urchin combined with the yolk of the quail egg was just amazing. 7:41PM PT


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