We started with an amazing antipasti. The cheese (burrata) was amazing; it had the texture of an egg.

Walnut bread

Menu Description:
walnut bread burrata & mushroom-truffle honey 9

Pollo farcito

To follow the antipasti we ordered three entrees: two risottos and a main.

The main was a pollo farcito (stuffed chicken). It was juicy and flavorful. The garlic was subtle. I liked the broccolini.

The first of the two risottos was good, but the beef was too soft for my liking. I liked the slight lemon flavor.

Menu Description:
saffron with osso buco 18

Squid ink with calamari risotto

The second of the two risottos was simpler in taste and also had a lemon flavor. Perhaps I favored it more because I like squid.

Menu Description:
squid ink with calamari 17

Saffron with osso buco risotto

I tried more of the osso buco and confirmed that I wasn't a fan of it.

Having more of the squid ink risotto, I realized it had a great taste, though I was unable to describe it..

Walnut bread

Overall, I liked the pollo farcito best, followed by the squid ink risotto, and then followed by the osso buco risotto. 6:38PM PT

To complete our dinner, I ordered the "house made seasonal 'cello" for my friends (I tried some sips but not much 'cause I was driving).


It smelled like Pinesol and might have even tasted like Pinesol. 6:55PM PT

It tasted pine fresh. it has a nice hmm. not so much of alchohol though. 6:57PM PT



Squid ink with calamari risotto

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