First Awakenings

My friends and I came to First Awakenings for breakfast and I decided to get two pancakes: All That Razz and peach.

The peach pancake was good, but not as fancy and delicious as All That Razz.

All That Razz (top), Peach (bottom)

The All That Razz was amazing. The granola in it provided a nice crunch. Meanwhile, the raspberry contributed both a good taste and texture.

I would highly recommend All That Razz to anyone who likes pancakes.

On a separate note, one pancake will be enough to fill a single person. As such, it's best to get two or three different pancakes and split them two or three ways, respectively.* 9:33AM PT

I tried to flip half the stack to expose the Peach pancake...

Although I ordered two different pancakes and expecting to be billed two Singles, instead I was just billed a Double; the cheapest and standard deal is a Triple order.

Menu Description:
All That Razz Raspberry, coconut and granola. 9.39

*Since the All That Razz is awesome, a reasonable order would be getting two All That Razz and a third non-All That Razz pancake split among three people.

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First Awakenings

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