La Vetta

Having arrived late, there was plenty of food already on the table but much of it was cold, or in the case of the bruschetta, soggy.


Menu Descriptions:
Tomato Bruschetta // vine-ripened tomato, basil, pecorino ... 9
Terza Meatballs // ground beef, veal, herbs, red sauce ... 11

Chicken Meatball

Chicken Meatballs // ground chicken, herbs, chilies, red sauce, pecorino ... 4ea

The mozzarella slice was solid.

Tomato Bruschetta

I had a quarter of the chicken meatball and it was cold but had a nice basil taste.

The salami slice was okay.


We ordered some more meatballs and these non-chicken meatballs tasted strange. They were soft.

The fresh chicken meatball was much tastier.

Terza Meatballs

Menu Descriptions:
Margherita // tomato, fresh mozzarella, basil, olive oil ... 10
Soppressata // red sauce, cured salami, Terza cheese ... 11

Prosciutto and Fig

Prosciutto and Fig // 600 day cured ham, dried mission figs, Terza cheese, olive oil, arugula 13

The fig slice was amazing!*

Chicken Meatball

I have another prosciutto and fig slice, because the last one was left me wanting another. It's delicious despite being cold.

And eventually I ate another fig slice (it also happened to be the last).


For dessert we ordered one of each on the menu. The tiramisu was good. The chocolate cake was delicious; I thought it had fudge in it (but apparently not). The lemon dessert was too liquidy for me, but it had a nice lemony tart flavor.

Chocolate Almond Tortino

Menu Descriptions:
Tiramisu // lady fingers, mascarpone, brandy, coffee, cocoa ... 5
Creme al Limone // lemon zest, cream, mint ... 5
Chocolate Almond Tortino // chocolate almond cake, chocolate mousse, ganache, Bailey's zabaglione ... 5

Creme al Limone

*So much so that I immediately reiterated the statement. "Oh my goodness... that fig [slice] was amazing. That slice was amazing."

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La Vetta

Prosciutto and Fig

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