After seeing Zoolights at the Oakland Zoo, Ada and I went searching for dinner. Initially intending to go to a Korean restaurant in Berkeley, we arrived only to find that it was closing early and we headed back to Oakland to eat at Bowl'd instead.

While walking into Bowl'd, I was amused to find, sitting on a counter, a handful of business cards for the place we just came from.

In any case, Ada got the kimchi stew and I got a bibimbop (mixed rice bowl). In addition, we also shared some fried potstickers.

Banchan (bottom) and Kimchi Stew (top right)

The shrimp potstickers tasted alright; they lacked the delicious shrimp flavor I was hoping for. In addition, I eventually experienced a slight tingling sensation on my tongue and lips (probably sesame oil, a common problem for me when eating potstickers, but it can also be from the banchan).

I continue with the banchan: kim chi, apple (haha), seaweed (I like seaweed), carrot/daikon (solid), radish (okay).

Menu Description:
Kimchi Stew Kimchi with beef, tofu, glass noodles, onions and sliced rice cakes. 14 Available with beef, pork or vegetarian.

My sizzling works with spicy pork belly and mixed grain rice mostly tasted good. And by mostly, I mean to say that some food item (perhaps the banchan or the dumplings) had enough sesame oil to dampen my overall eating experience.


On a separate note, at some point I finally realized, after getting a hot (ceramic) bowl for bibimbap about five or six times at different restaurants, that I actually don't like the experience of eating out of a hot bowl! Mainly because I have to either blow on it and wait for it to cool or eat it while it's unbearably hot.

In any case, the red sauce (golgoljong) was good but eventually it might have also had an aftertaste. I'm not sure. Again, it was tasty, and yet not, but that's a personal (allergy) problem, not a fault of the restaurant food itself.

Menu Description:
1) Choose your bowl: The Works A bed of rice with spinach, mushroom, radish, julienned carrots, bean sprouts, quinoa and assorted vegetables. Topped with your choice of protein and fried egg. Cold Bowl 13 | Sizzling Works Same as The Works but served in hot stoneware. The heat from the stone bowl keeps everything warm and makes the rice sizzle. Hot Bowl 14
2) Choose your protein & rice: beef | chicken | spicy chicken | spicy pork | porky belly | spicy pork belly | beef short ribs Add $3 | salmon Add $3 | mung bean pancake | tofu || white | mixed grain (barley, sweet rice, sweet brown rice, wild red rice, and black rice)

Shrimp Potstickers



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