I came here today with my coworkers and the popular opinion was that the tacos were good, but not worth the price.

On a positive note, the salsa was delicious.

For an appetizer, we ordered Brussels sprouts and mushroom empanadas. Between the two, the Brussel sprouts had a flavorful and delicious sauce while the empanadas were just alright, nothing particularly special.

Menu Description:
mushroom empanadas oaxaca cheese, leeks, tomatillo salsa 11.50
fried brussel sprouts lime, agave, ancho recado 8

Getting to the main event, I had a brisket taco with the medium spicy sauce, a little lime, and some guacamole. It was okay.

Then I had a chicken taco which tasted better. In particular, I ate part of it with the hot spicy sauce, pickled vegetables, and some guacamole. It was a solid experience. 9:11PM PT

Menu Description:
Tacos 1 for 4.95 / 4 for 17.95 / 10 for 39.95
shot-and-a-beer braised chicken
guajillo-braised beef brisket

Menu Description:
made-to-order guacamole 9.50



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