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After taking a short walk around the different stores, I was quick to decide I wanted a burger from Konjoe. However, since I wanted to get my food around the same time as Ada, I took my sweet time figuring out which burger to get.

The Konjoe burger looked good, but I had no idea what was contained in the konjoe sauce. So then my eyes turned to the Kalbi burger and that looked good except for the sesame mayo. So then I figured I would substitute it with the r.g.s.t. mayo, except I didn't know what r.g.s.t. stood for, so I asked the cashier and he told me.* So I ordered the Kalbi burger with r.g.s.t. mayo instead of sesame mayo and then added the fried egg (+$1) and roasted pork belly (+$3.25).

Kalbi Burger

Menu Description:
KALBI beef, lettuce, kalbi glaze, sesame mayo, kimchi cucumbers $10.50

The pork belly was crispy and delicious, though I had to eat a piece of it on its own in order to notice it. Meanwhile, the beef patty was juicy and I had trouble keeping my hands clean while eating the burger.

It's possible I was simply hungry, but I'll give Konjoe the benefit of the doubt and say the burger was deliciously good.

Konjoe Burger Bar Menu

Thinking about it now, I probably should have tried the Konjoe burger with shittake mushrooms. Oh well, next time!

*The cashier's response was enough for me to substitute the r.g.s.t. mayo for the sesame mayo, but I couldn't remember his answer so I sent them a message on 20170211 and I am waiting for a reply.

[20170211 Edit]

Konjoe Burger Bar

Konjoe Burger Bar Sign

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