Zao Asian Cafe

Overview: Essentially an Asian version of Chipotle.

I got a simple salad (lettuce) with chicken, curry sauce, carrots and dikon. It tasted great; I loved the spiciness.

In hindsight, I should have gotten double meat.

Note that I had a bite of chicken from Ada's bowl and I had a small reaction to the trace quantity of sesame oil contained in the guacamame, a guacamole and sesame blend.

Overall, the place has about as many options as Chipotle. One difference, however, is that Zao Asian Cafe's primary drink vendor (at least at this location) was Maine Root! Unfortunately, I have put myself back on a low-carb diet (except for beer) and just drank water.

If you ever wanted to eat at an Asian version of Chipotle, then this place is your chance to do it - provided you live in Utah.

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Zao Asian Cafe

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