Garlic and Chives

The clams were okay. There was a lot of sauce. It might have been too garlicky.

Ngheu Xao La Que / Fresh Clams sauteed with Basil Sauce 10

The squid was absolutely delicious. I enjoyed it with both sauces.

Muc Lan Bot / Deep Fried Calamari 10

The shrimp was extra crispy.

Deep Fried Shrimp

The catfish (not pictured) was good.

The bo luc lac was a little salty; there was an excessive amount of sauce. It was too garlicky.

Bo Luc Lac / Shaking Beef

All the garlic used in the dishes had slowly accumulated and began to upset my stomach. 8:38PM PT

Bun Cha Ca Thanh Long / Grilled Turmeric Fish with Dill Served on the Skillet w/ Vermicelli 12

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Garlic and Chives


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Vegetarian Spring Rolls

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Vegetarian Spring Rolls Tofu, cabbage, mint rolled in rice paper and served with peanut sauce 4

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