I tried one of the fried tofu pieces and it was delicious but if I had eaten more I'd probably sense an allergic reaction to it. Actually, my mouth is beginning to feel a tingling sensation and I so I won't be able to order it in the future. Furthermore, it was too raw inside. 6:11PM PT

Tofu Sisig

Online Menu Description:
Tofu Sisig Fried diced tofu w/ onions & jalapeno $10.95

The palabok was good.

The pinakbet was good. The binagoongan rice was delicious. The pinakbet and binagoongan together made a great meal. 6:44PM PT

Pancit Palabok

Online Menu Description:
Pancit Palabok Rice noodles w/ shrimp sauce, fish flakes & pork rind $12.75

Online Menu Description:
Pinakbet Vegetable stew of eggplant, bitter melon, okra, squash, string beans, pork & shrimp $13.00


Menu Description:
Binagoongan Rice Rice w/ diced pork, tomatoes, mangoes, & shrimp paste $12.75/platter

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Binagoongan Rice

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