201005## Lunch:
I ordered the salmon teriyaki (lunch) bento box. It comes with miso soup, which had tofu, but I was able to eat it without much fuss. Either I beginning to readjust myself to the proteins that I used to have trouble handling (peanuts, tofu, and peas) or food is changing in general. Since there wasn't much fuss, I would say the soup was good.

Seafood Dolcot with a fried egg (20140203)

Menu Description:
Lunch Bento Box Salmon Teriyaki A fresh salmon fillet broiled and doused with our teriyaki sauce. 9

The salmon portion of the bento box was delicious. Though perhaps anything in teriyaki sauce is delicious. The salad, California roll, and oranges were also good, but nothing special.

Miso soup with mushroom (20140319)

I think they bring out two appetizer dishes for each person, and so the more people you come with, the more different little things you get to have. There's kim chi, pickled cucumbers, and various other little things. I'll have to remember to write down the different things they serve. The dishes are just about the size of my palm, but definitely enough to go around as far as something to chew on while you wait for your food. At least normally. Just remember to get your chopsticks when you get the little dishes.


[20160629 Edit]

I was walking by and saw some friends sitting at the tables outside Niwana. I don't remember what my plans originally were, but I know I ended up joining them for dinner. They had already ordered, so when their food came out, I shared some of theirs while I waited for my order.

I remember trying beef, other sushi, and a rice bowl.



There was a lot of food to share and enjoy. In particular, I shared a salad which includes a tasty ginger sauce dressing. It wouldn't surprise me if such a ginger dressing was common in either Korean or Japanese cuisine. In any case, I should do some research and try duplicating it.

Niwana Roll (20110423)

I had the Niwana Roll. The menu says:
A tuna, avocado, cucumber, and scallion roll topped with yellowtail and our spicy crab salad. 8.95
It tasted alright. The salad sits loosely on top, which restricts dipping each piece only upright into the soy sauce and wasabi.

Alaskan salmon roll (20140324)

While waiting for my dessert, I had my share of two different cake pieces going around. There was a red velvet and some sort of rich tasting chocolate cake.

I ordered the Tempura Ice Cream. The menu says:
Take ice cream, dip it in a special batter, and deep fry it. This dessert is then drizzled with chocolate and topped with whipped cream and a cherry. 4.95


Today I had a salmon teriyaki bento box.


I had a sushi roll and a Cosmo Pearl.


The salmon teriyaki bento box is one of my favorite meals to order here at Niwana.

Salmon Teriyaki Bento Box (20110427)


I went with three friends and we split a platter of 60 sashimi for lunch. It was a good amount for four graduate male students (perhaps one should also take into account that my three friends each had a bowl of miso soup).

I had the following opinions:
Tuna: Mushy. Interestingly I started the meal with a piece of tuna and ended the meal with a second piece of tuna. I don't like the soft mushy texture.

Sushi Platter (20121211)

Octopus: Yummy. As no one really liked the chewiness of the octopus, I happily ate several pieces. In total, I had about five pieces of octopus. Octopus is similar to squid in texture and flavor.

Unknown: Good. Yum. I had a second piece later during the meal and thought it tasted better the second time around.

Clam: Okay.

Unagi roll and Salmon roll. (20140417)

Unknown on the right: Was a little tough.

Unknown on the left: Much sweeter than the unknown on the right. I like it much more. In fact, it was my favorite type of sashimi included in the platter.

Salmon: Okay.



Today I had a seafood dolcot with a fried egg (possibly for the first time).


I had some sort of bento box today.



Today I tried the pork katsu dish here at Niwana for the first time and overall I thought it was good. For the most part, however, the dish was simple. The dish is prepared by frying a slice of pork, placing it on top of a mound of vegetable (seemed like some sort of bitter, slightly pickled cabbage), and drizzling a bit of sauce (teriyaki or soy-based sauce). Thus, while it was good, it was not worth its price.

Seafood Dolcot with a fried egg (20140304)


Today, for the entree, I had the seafood dolcot, a rice dish with a variety of seafood (I recall mussel, squid, imitation crab, and possibly baby clam). For an appetizer, my friend and I split a plate of kani tempura, fried crab sticks.


I wrote: "Seafood dolcot. I asked for it to be made without sesame seeds on top and the waiter informed me that its usually made with sesame oil and so I asked for it without. On a different note, the dish stays warm due to the bowl in which its contained. Eating from the middle towards the edge seems to be the best strategy. Overall, there's a good variety of seafood and it all tastes more or less as seafood should." 9:26PM ET

Chef's choice of 8 pieces and a tuna roll (20140428)

I wrote: "Spinach miso, great. Alaskan salmon roll." 9:35PM ET

Of the salmon roll I wrote: "The cucumber wasn't evenly spread throughout the roll and sometimes there was too much and sometimes there was too little. Overall, the sushi roll was just alright." 9:50PM ET



Salmon Teriyaki Bento Box (20111005)

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