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Today Ada and I came here for the first time. After being seated, we realized it was a vegan restaurant; the vegan egg is made of bean curd.

Lumpia Shanghai

I wanted to try the Chick'n BBQ Skewers (mushrooms) but they were out.

The Lumpia Shanghai was good.

Menu Description:
Lumpia Shanghai (10 pcs) Classic Filipino "meat" eggrolls with sweet sauce 8


Ada says the laing was good. She found it to be the same quality as the laing from Goldilocks, but less salty than every other laing she's ever had.

My palabok was difficult to enjoy. Apparently it used bean curd and I didn't realize it. I only experienced a slight discomfort. 12:27 PM PT


Menu Description:
Palabok Noodle Dish with mock "Shrimp" gravy 10

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Nick's Kitchen

Sweet Sauce (for Lumpia)

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