Stonefire Grill

Stonefire Grill is one of those places where you get your own drinks from the soda fountain and your own utensils. You order at the front and they give you a number so they know where to bring your food when its ready. Other places like this are Corner Bakery and California Fish Grill.

I wrote: "To start there is your average salad and average bread sticks. We had the meat ordered medium rare: BBQ tri tip and garlic onion tri tip. I didn't like the onion much. The BBQ tri tip seems to be a little more cooked than the garlic onion tip. While I like the BBQ flavor more, I like the texture of the rarer meat better." 8:51 PM PDT

Menu Description:
TRI TIP Your choice of Mesquite BBQ or Cracked Pepper Garlic topped with Gorgonzola butter.

At the time we (my family and I) didn't know what was in the butter besides butter. My sister said it was just whipped butter. But to me it certainly didn't taste like whipped butter. I recalled whipped butter being fluffy. Of course, I so strongly didn't think it was butter that I didn't even taste the butter in it. I was focusing on the other flavors in it. In any case, the website menu has revealed the mystery butter was Gorgonzola butter. One recipe for 4 servings of Gorgonzola butter is blending 4 ounces Gorgonzola cheese and 4 tablespoons unsalted butter until smooth.

The pizza was good too.


Stonefire Grill

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