Huong Tra Vietnamese Restaurant & Deli

Today I came here for the first time and ordered a bowl of pho dac biet. After prepping, the temperature of the broth was drinkable without blowing. While generally most people would prefer that it come out warmer, I suppose it was convenient.

In any case, I thought the broth was good and not salty. Maybe, however, I shouldn't have added the lime today, because the broth already had a good balance of flavors.

The mixed meats (flank, tendon, etc.) were also good, but the main beef slices weren't as good as some other pho places. I also thought the beef balls were a bit under average as well.

Overall, the bowl was good and came in a good portion. In particular, I finished the entire bowl, including the broth, and I just reached the point of feeling full. 4:27PM PT

Huong Tra Vietnamese Restaurant & Deli

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