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For an appetizer, my friend and I ordered the shrimp scampi. While the number of shrimp may have been reasonable with respect to the restaurant and quality, I couldn't help but feel like unsatisfied.

Scampi Capri

With that being said, at least the sauce that the shrimp came in was good and we used it as sauce for the complimentary bread. 7:52PM PT

Menu Description:
Shrimp scampi sautéed with garlic, chili flakes, tomatoes lobster reduction sauce.

Grigliata di pesce

When my entree arrived (grigliata di pesce = grilled fish), I first tasted the pasta. The pasta with (homemade almond) pesto was nice and creamy. The salmon, however, was a bit plain and broken in texture. In addition, the first bite had too much of a grilled flavor.

Menu Description:
Fresh Salmon filet, Diver scallops and large prawns, marinated with garlic, white wine, lemon sauce, and parsley grilled, served with linguine with homemade almond pesto.

Pork chop

Then I tried a bite of my friend's pork chop (he ordered the special of the day). I liked the seasoning.

Returning to my dish, I found the pasta to be deliciously creamy. Furthermore, the scallop was good and the prawn was also good.

Josh, who said he's ordered my exact dish two or three times before, said the salmon wasn't as good as the other times he's had it.

Brussels sprouts

In any case, today he ordered a side of brussel sprouts and I thought they were good. 8:13PM PT

I hadn't realized until a couple bites in that there were bacon bits (technically it was pancetta, which is like Italian bacon). Nice. After having some of the brussel sprouts, I finished my creamy pasta. Yum. 8:20PM PT

Grigliata di pesce

To close, I would say that the pork chop seasoning was really good. 8:24PM PT

Menu Description:

*Pancetta is "Italian bacon". See also Pancetta (

A shrimp from the shrimp scampi capri.

Oh, and as beer wasn't really an option here at Cucina Alessa, my friend and I split a bottle of wine: 2010 Zenato Ripassa Valpolicella Ripasso. While it was expensive, it had a great taste and we enjoyed it.

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Cucina Alessa

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