Elevation 66

Today was my first time at Elevation 66. They have their own set of brews, but I decided to have the Half Moon Bay Calf-eine.

Soup (20150220)

Today I was feeling hungry and decided to order a bowl of soup. To drink I had Moylan's Lonely Tart Club.

I tried and had various beers here today: Elevation 66 Esther's Vanilla Stout, HenHouse Biere de Garde, Two Rivers Blood Orange cider, and Elevation 66 Ramble Tamble Red.

Celia gave Jack's drink bunny ears. (20150818)
I gave the picture a bunny. (20150917)

Today I ordered some pork belly tacos. To drink I had the Two Rivers Blackberry Cider and I also had a taste of the Elevation 66 Two Beagle Brown.

When the tacos arrived I gave them a whiff and mostly just smelled something spicy.

Pork Belly Tacos (20150505)

Arguably pricey for just three tacos, they were surprisingly delicious. In particular, the barbecue sauce was not overly sweet and the pork belly cuts were not overly fatty. Finally, the jalapeno slices placed on top of the tacos were thin and added the perfect amount of spice.

BBQ Chicken Sliders (20150818)

After top roping at Ironworks, my friends and I came here for some food and drinks. Well, I initially didn't want food, but the urge to eat crept up on me and I split various items with my comrades.

Chicken Wings with Sriracha (20150818)

To drink I had a glass of Fieldwork Hanging Valley, and while it was good, I probably enjoyed the food more.

There were delicious chicken wings with Sriracha (we each had two or three), I liked the seasoning on the fries, and I absolutely enjoyed the BBQ chicken in the BBQ chicken sliders (we each had one).

Elevation 66

Fries (20150818)

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