Pizza Gino

Pizza Gino

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Pizza Gino - St-Jerome, QC, Canada (

While pressed for time, we decided to look for a place to eat. In hindsight, it probably wasn't a smart idea to order pizza due to the time it takes to prepare.

With that being said, we also ordered poutine and that was absolutely delicious. Of course, poutine probably tastes great everywhere. This, however, is my first time having it.

Overall, I didn't find any particular reason to recommend this specific pizza restaurant, but the pizza wasn't bad so it's probably worth a try.

Actually, two small pizzas and a large poutine would have been enough to feed three male adults, but the worker (possibly manager) convinced us to get one of the combos: two large (14") pizzas, a large poutine, two bags of brownies and a (2L) bottle of soda.


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