SHO Japanese Restaurant

Ada and I ended our day at a Japanese restaurant near our hotel.


Menu Description:
Roll Sushi > Habanero (yellowtail & habanero tobiko) 8

The habanero tobiko was tasty.

Jidori Chicken Breast Katsu Curry

Menu Description:
Gohan > Jidori Chicken Breast Katsu Curry fresh panko breaded deep fried chicken 12

The chicken katsu curry was not bad. Perhaps a compliment taking into consideration that I'm not a fan of katsu curry.

Snake River Farms Kobe Flat Iron Steak

Menu Description:
Snake River Farms Kobe Flat Iron Steak w/garlic miso or oroshi ponzu steak sauce16

I ordered the Snake River Farms Kobe Flat Iron Steak medium rare with oroshi ponzu steak sauce. It was a tasty steak, but it was not as good as the average steak. The sauce was the winner here. If it weren't for the sauce, the steak would just be the same as any regular medium rare steak.


As I have more chicken katsu curry, I note that I don't have an allergic reaction to the katsu curry.

Finally, I ordered hamachi. The hamachi had a wonderful texture. It was a great finish to my dinner. As a fish, it was denser than salmon, was firm, and had a rough texture.

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SHO Japanese Restaurant

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