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Gyro King

Lamb & Beef Gyro Plate
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I was on my way towards Saigon Sandwich when I passed by Gyro King. On a whim and since I enjoy eating gyro, I decided to just check this place out instead. While a sandwich might have been a good choice, I decided to go ahead and order the lamb and beef gyro plate.

Website Description:
Lamb & Beef Gyro Plate Served with rice, salad, hummus,* tzatziki sauce and homemade bread 13

The items accompanying the lamb and beef gyro** were fillers which tasted average except for the orange looking rice which was exceptionally tasty. As for the meat itself, the slices leaned towards being dry but were still flavorful so I wouldn't mind coming back. 1:14PM PT

*As far as I could tell, there was no hummus.
**While eating, I honestly noted that I couldn't tell which slices were lamb and which were beef. However, upon writing this post I realized the meat was a combination of lamb and beef (like a hot dog is a combination of beef and pork).


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