Hot Sauce and Panko

Hot Sauce and Panko

Chicken & Waffle Gravy Open Sandwich
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While waiting for seating at Elephant Sushi, my friend and I decided to split an order of something from Hot Sauce and Panko.

Although their specialty is chicken wings, we decided to split the chicken and gravy waffle open sandwich.

Menu Description:
Chicken & Waffle Gravy Open Sandwich 7.89 Chicken Kara-age / Gravy of the Day

Chicken & Waffle Gravy Open Sandwich with Syrup
Overall, I thought it was good. but it turned out more or less the way I expected. In addition to the gravy, which was placed on the side because we got it to go, we added syrup and it paired well with the gravy, chicken, and waffles.

Originally uncertain how the gravy would taste with the chicken and waffles, my friend thought the order turned out pretty good. 6:48PM PT

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