The server started us off with a plate of raw (?) sweet potato served with mayonnaise. I liked the taste of it.

Taco Trio

Menu Description:
Taco Trio combinations of bulgogi, spicy pork belly, kimchi 10

When it game time to order I got the taco appetizer and BBQ eel. Ada ordered the bibimbap.

All the tacos were delicious. I especially liked the simplicity and taste of the taco with only bulgolgi. In contrast, the other two tacos benefited from the texture and taste of the kimchi. 7:03PM PT

B.B.Q. Eel (comes w/ lettuce wrap)

Menu Description:
Eel B.B.Q. comes w/ lettuce wrap 17

While I've eaten eel before, I can't remember a time when I had them prepared like this. In any case, I'm glad I tried it because it was a pleasant experience. The eel had a moderate coating of sauce which gave it a sweet taste. I placed each strip of eel onto a leaf of lettuce, and added a little bit of everything (ginger, kim chi, cucumber, and sauce).

Overall, I enjoyed the taste of the food, but there was only one waiter and one server whose attentions were divided over many customers and so there were several moments where I felt the service time could have been better.


Menu Description:
Bibimbap rice bowl w/ vegetables, bulgogi, fried egg 14 (Hot Stone +2)

With that being said, the place was well decorated and seemed well-equipped for a more social, bar environment on a busy Friday night.

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