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The lemony cauliflower and carrot soup was delicious but it had a thin texture. Thus, while I would have preferred it to be thick, I enjoyed the soup's flavors. 6:09PM PT

Cauliflower and Carrot Soup (20171207)

My order, the kimchi reuben, was amazing. The sauce and meat were perfect. However, the fries that came with it weren't crunchy like the those from McDonalds.

Menu Description:
big bites > kimchi reuben with house pastrami, swiss cheese & gochujang dressing; fries or salad $15

Smoked Chicken Breast Sandwich (20171207)

Meanwhile, Ada enjoyed the bell pepper in her salad. 6:21PM PT

Interesting, Ada's salad has persimmon slices. I have never encountered persimmon in a salad before. 6:44PM PT

Kimchi Reuben Sandwich (20171207)

Menu Description:
big bites > smoked chicken breast on brioche roll with brie, roasted peppers & garlic aioli; fries or salad $14

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each taco has a lime. first was delicious. i eat salad. then I finished off the porter. its strength cuts through the oils and flavors of the salad. awesome. 2:30 PM PT

Tacos (20180211)

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these Brussels sprouts smell great. like a vinegar smell. the sauce is strong enough to compete with the bitterness and only the exterior is crunchy. 1:35 PM PT
it was like a sweet and sour sauce. anyways the burger patty was juicy but flavorless. 1:47 PM PT

Brussels Sprouts (20180304)

Menu Description:
crispy brussels sprouts with sriracha-honey sauce $7

Burger (20180304)

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