World Gourmet Buffet Restaurant

(2) Oysters: meh.

First Plate: Spicy Octopus, Clams, Oyster, Octpus

Fried calamari: decent.

Octopus: decent.

Clams. 30 to 40% sandy.

Albacore (White Tuna): meh. 2:34PM PT

Second Plate: Salmon Nigiri (left, bottom), Soft Clam (top left), Fried calamari (center left), Orange chicken (center), Sausage (top), Taro bun (top right)

Sausage: salty.

Taro bun: good.

Tobiko: no saltiness, bland.

Orange chicken: too much batter.

Third Plate: Seafood Salad, Har gow, Fried Shrimp

Har gow: too much flour.

Soft Clam: too fishy, doesn't have the texture indicative of being fresh.

Salmon Nigiri: doesn't taste fresh either.

My favorite items were the spicy octopus, the seafood salad, and the fried calamari. The shrimp ball had way too much batter. 2:59PM PT

Spicy Octopus

Ice cream: okay. While it wasn't icy, it could have been smoother.

Sharkfin soup: decent.

Fried banana: not good. 3:11PM PT

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World Gourmet Buffet Restaurant

First Plate (rotated): Albacore, Fried Clamari, Fried Shrimp, Clams

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