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This tom yum soup is too hot (temperature) - especially with my mouth sore.

Website Menu Description: (as of 20200118)
Spicy Shrimp Soup (Tom Yum Koong) Spicy shrimp soup with mushroom, tomatoes, lemongrass, kaffir lime, lime juice and fresh chili 14.95

Tom Yum Soup

I ate the pad see ew. Ada says it has no flavor and I agree. It's oily. I get an itchy feeling on my chest.

Website Menu Description: (as of 20200118)
Pad See-Ew (Chicken / Pork / Beef) Rice noodle stir fried with egg, black soy sauce and Chinese broccoli (Shrimp add 1.00 / Seafood add 2.00) 8.95

Pad See Ew

Ada says the panang chicken curry* has peas and diced carrots when there should be no peas and sliced carrots if it were authentic. 7:45 PM PT

I finished the pad see ew. It was below average. There was not so much taste and there were a couple of hard strands.

Panang Chicken Curry

I tried the soup again. It was cool, but when I tried to swallow the broth I had trouble. 7:55 PM PT

I was later able to drink it, but my stomach was a little upset. 8:09 PM PT

Fried Rice

*The website menu doesn't list "panang chicken curry." Instead it has "panang curry beef," "panang curry salmon," and "yellow curry chicken." There is the possibility that nevertheless we ordered panang curry chicken.

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