Interestingly, this is only the second time I've been to Gertrude's. A lot of people at the table also ordered the Rockfish Imperial. To drink, the table shared a bottle of 2008 Robert Sinskey Pinot Noir.

I wrote: "The Rockfish itself is good, but plain. The crab compliments well. The pecans add the welcomed occasional crunch. The lime taste and overall sauce, especially in the crab is good." 7:16 PM

Grilled Jump Shrimp & Crab (20121002)

Menu Description:
Chesapeake Rockfish Imperial Rockfish fillet stuffed with crab imperial and topped with toasted pecan butter, served with garlic mashed potatoes and grilled asparagus (gluten-free) 30


I don't have any notes on how this dish tastes, but I'm pretty sure its the "Grilled Jumbo Shrimp & Crab" and I'm pretty sure it was delicious.

Menu Description:
Grilled Jumbo Shrimp & Crab Gulf shrimp & Clayton’s crabmeat wrapped in thinly sliced pancetta and served over local cheddar-Pepper Jack grits, with garlic spinach 26


I'm not always able to take clear pictures here at Gertrude's, but the food is great! Today I had the Pulled BBQ Pork Platter. I recall it was juicy and delicious. To drink we had a 2010 Veramonte Pinot Noir Reserva.

Chesapeake Rockfish Imperial (20120111)

Menu Description:
Pulled BBQ Pork Platter With fries and apple-fennel coleslaw


Gertrude's at the BMA

Pull BBQ Pork Platter (20130312)

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The first time I came here was some time in March 2008 when I was a prospective Hopkins student. I recall eating there with another prospective student, C.B., and S.K. I also recall having crab cake. Overall I was left with the impression of quality replacing quantity.

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