Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant

Browsing the selection of foods prior to committing, the place seemed alright. But I was less enthused by the end of the visit, mainly due to my sesame allergy. As such, the only great thing I remember having was the red jello. My sister wondered what flavor the jello was and my guess was that it was strawberry. Actually, my original answer was that it was the standard flavor.

Yelp Review: (***..)
I came during the buffet hours (11 to 3:30). I suspect at least one of the food items was prepared with sesame oil and left a bad aftertaste on my tongue. There was a decent selection of Hong Kong style food like noodles, fish, stir-fried beansprouts, vegetables, and clams. I didn't like the orange chicken. The restaurant had a soda machine, but no ice cream machine. Since the place isn't a full-time buffet, having no ice cream machine is understandable, but unfortunate.


Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant

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