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Get in there spider roll! [Thanks for the correction Steph!]

Josh put down one gyoza, one yellow tail (2pc), and one tempura shrimp (2pc).
I put down one yellow tail (2pc) and one tempura shrimp (2pc).
We put down one Alaska, one lobster roll, and one stinky roll (each 8pc).

First to come out was the gyoza (at top), two yellow tail (furthest left), two tempura shrimp (next to the yellow tail), and the lobster roll.

I didn't have an order of gyoza, because usually something like the gyoza is cooked in sesame oil. The tempura shrimp is delicious, and I love the lobster roll. The yellow tail was par.

Gyoza (top), Yellow Tail (bottom left), Tempura Shrimp (bottom center),
and Lobster Roll (bottom right).

Then came the stinky roll and the Alaska roll.

The stinky roll, if you like garlic, is delicious. It has so much flavor. The Alaska roll is also delicious, and later we got these two rolls again.

Alaska Roll (left) and Stinky Roll (right)

Then Josh ordered a tempura shrimp (2pc).
I ordered an octopus (2pc) and a sea urchin (2pc).
We ordered an alaska (of which I ated 3/8), a spider roll (5pc, of which I ate 3/5), and a stinky roll.

First came the tempura shrimp, octopus, and sea urchin (uni). Pictured below are the octopus and sea urchin.

The octopus you eat for the texture. I don't remember having sea urchin before, but trying it today, I love the texture and taste.

Octopus (left) and Sea Urchin (Uni) (right).

Then we got our second stinky roll.

Another Stinky Roll!

Then the spider roll and our second Alaska (not pictured).

The spider roll was good, and while maybe not as flavorful as the Alaska or stinky roll, it offers a texture that is not in the Alaska or stinky roll. We ordered perhaps two or three pieces over being full, which is pretty good. As a tally, Josh and I had 1 appetizer, 7 sides, and 6 cut rolls (alternatively we each had about 4 sides and 3 cut rolls).

Spider Roll

I also ate 2/8 of Stephanie and Daniel's order of stinky roll.

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