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Our group was big and we split up into two tables. Our table shared an appetizer. I believe it was the baba ghanouj. The website currently (20110813) lists its price at $7.50.

We definitely didn't have the hummus, because I don't like the taste of chickpeas, along with many other legumes.

Then I was looking for a main course with lamb. I had my eye on one dish, but the waiter recommended the mouzat. I went with that, along with three or four others at our table. I recall it was delicious.

For a beverage, I ordered the Almaza Pilsener, a Lebanese beer.

Menu Description:
Baba Ghanouj Baked eggplant blended with tahini, fresh lemon juice and a hint of fresh garli 7.50

Menu Description:
Mouzat A lamb shank baked in a tomato stew with Mama’s secret spices served with rice and green beans 18.00


Mama Ayesha's

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