Slater's 50/50

I wrote: "50/50 patty, full pound, medium, honey wheat bun, 50/50 BBQ sauce, cheddar, grilled onions, green leaf lettuce, sun dried tomatoes, tomato: THE JACK. Eating the edge is great. Getting into the burger, wow, grilled onions and sun dried tomatoes really add to the taste." 6:34 PM PDT

As it was my first time coming to Slater's 50/50, I thought getting the 50/50 patty would be appropriate. The 50/50 patty is 50% ground beef and 50% ground bacon. The "Design It Menu" has a lot to choose from. I ended up making the above burger and calling it The Jack. They have you name it for fun and when it comes out they call it by the name.


Now a full pound of beef is a lot and I mostly spent my time at the restaurant eating around the edge. My instant comment implies that I liked the 50/50 patty, as the edge of the burger would have just been meat. I got the bulk of the burger to go, only being able to enjoy a fraction of the burger I designed fresh.


After ordering a Hangar 24 Chocolate Porter to drink, I decided to get a Hawaiian Burger with a full pound, medium-cooked patty. 6:48PM PDT

When the burger came out, I found the pineapple and Hollandaise sauce was a great combination. 7:30 PM PDT

After making some notes on my Ballast Point Sculpin IPA, I also noted that my burger tastes much better with the beer. 7:50 PM PDT

Hawaiian burger (20120607)

Menu Description:
Hawaiian burger Island inspired, our 50/50 patty build with grilled pineapple, sunny side up egg, American cheese and baconnaise, served on white brioche. $9.95

[20120626][20150118 Edit]

Last time I came (20120607) I had a taste of my friend's burger, a limited time burger of the month (June) called The Pulled Pork. It was good, so I that's what I decided to get on this visit, only with a pound of meat (I'm pretty sure he just had the standard amount of meat with his). Of course, I knew I wouldn't finish it, but I like taking home leftovers, especially when the food is good.

I wrote: "[Samuel Adams New World Tripel]. The burger has too much mustard and not enough grits. Full pound meat." 7:24 PM PDT

The Pulled Pork (June Burger of the Month) (20120609)

Indeed I recall an excessive presence of mustard, but otherwise the burger tasted great.


My friend and I came to Slater's 50/50 today and I originally wanted the Stone Vanilla Bean Smoked Porter (CA 4.4% ABV 53 IBU), but they ran out. Thus I started off trying samples of the Stone Levitation Ale and the Stone Sublimely Self-Righteous Ale.

I ultimately ordered a beer flight.

Beer Flight:
1) Wells Banana Bread Beer
2) AleSmith (Nautical) Nut Brown Ale
3) Stone Arrogant Bastard Ale
4) Lightning Thunderweizen

Pick 4: Fried Bacon Mac N' Cheese Balls (center), Fries (left), Fried Artichoke Hearts (bottom) and Fried Dill Pickle Chips (top-right) (20120711)

Josh and I picked 4 appetizers:
FRIED BACON MAC N’ CHEESE BALLS; Tapatio® ranch. // SLATER’S FRIES; Slater’s bacon ketchup. // FRIED DILL PICKLE CHIPS; Original mustard sauce. // FRIED ARTICHOKE HEARTS

For my entree, I got the July Burger of the Month: The 'Merica.

Menu Description:
The 'Merica The burger that started it all. 100% ground bacon plus thick cut bacon, a sunny side up egg, our new "bacon island" dressing all topped with bacon cheddar cheese. $10.95

Fried dill pickles chips with mustard: while I like pickles, the fried batter doesn't add much to the experience. 6:42PM PT
Fries with bacon infused ketchup: the ketchup is good
Fried artichoke hearts: in contrast to the dill pickles, the artichoke hearts taste delicious when fried. 6:45PM PT
Fried mac and cheese balls: delicious; I need to make these.
The 'Merica: it's good; the patty has the texture of crunchy and oily bacon but tastes less like bacon than the bacon-infused ketchup; the egg and real bacon are nice; overall, it's a good burger. 7:21PM PT

[20130206][20160921 Update,Edit]

Today I came and ordered another beer flight.

The 'Merica (July Burger of the Month) (20120711)

Beer Flight:
1) Avery The Czar
2) Deschutes Red Chair NWPA
3) TAPS Toasted Santa
4) Stone Sublimely Self-Righteous Ale

We also did a Pick 4:
FRIED BACON MAC N’ CHEESE BALLS; Tapatio® ranch. // SWEET POTATO FRIES; Pumpkin sauce. // FRIED DILL PICKLE CHIPS; Original mustard sauce. // BEER BATTERED JALAPEƑOS; Cilantro-lime sour cream.

All our choices were good. I especially liked the bacon inside the mac n' cheese balls. To be honest, I didn't remember that they would have bacon in them, and I was pleasantly surprised.

Po' Boy Burger (March Burger of the Month) (20150327)

Today I ordered a beer flight and the burger of the month, the Po' Boy Burger. While I forgot to write down the ingredients, I later (20150416) did some detective work and tracked them down.*

In any case, I ordered the burger medium rare and it appears to have arrive as such. Overall, it was very spicy and tasted good. However, at times its sauce had disagreed with my palate (the way tofu and peas disagree with my palate). Eating about half of the burger, I took the rest home and ate it a couple of days later without any problem.

Disappointingly, the appetizers came out after the burgers came out. Most fortunately, with great speed, the manager approached us (preempting any complaints from my friend and I) and told us that they would take care of the appetizers (i.e., free). Talk about great service!

Pick 4: Fried Bacon Mac N' Cheese Balls, Sweet Potato Fries,
Fried Dill Pickle Chips, and Beer Battered Jalapenos (20130102)

Menu Description:
PO BOY burger Our March Burger Of the Month is made with fried shrimp marinated in crystal hot sauce, brandt beef spiked with old bay, remoulade, pickles, iceberg lettuce, tomato, spanish telera roll.

Soon after the manager had left, our waitress also came to apologize, explaining that things were very busy and that she herself normally just works behind the bar. Offering my friend and I complimentary drinks, I decided to try the Epic Big Bad Baptist. My friend, however, was the driver and kindly declined the drink.

Po' Boy Burger (March Burger of the Month) (20140327)

*Their website had moved onto the April BOM so I did a Google search. Then I found an article which listed the ingredients, but it felt unofficial and I was unsatisfied. Then I noticed the official description hazily sitting in the background in a YouTube review. Together with the article, I figured out the unfocused letters. While satisfied, I used the result to find an official description on the Facebook page of their Liberty Station location.

Beer Flight:
1) Mother Earth Cali' Creamin'
2) Lagunitas Cappuccino Stout
3) Great Divide Yeti Imperial Stout
4) Stone Old Guardian Barley Wine - Extra Hoppy

Pick 2: Sweet Potato Fries and Fried Dill Pickle Chips (20150327)

Bonus Brew:
5) Epic Big Bad Baptist


Today I went to Slater's 50/50 with my friends and to drink I ordered a beer flight.

After taking a sip of all four beers in the flight and trying my friends' beers, I sunk my teeth into the July Burger of the Month: 'Merica Burger 2.0.

Immediately I thought to myself, "This burger is delicious." I particularly enjoyed the combination of the jam and bacon (bacon jam).

'Merica Burger 2.0 (July Burger of the Month) (20150720)

As for the mac n' cheese, I found it's usage was subtle, but effective. Looking back on my own experience with placing mac n' cheese inside a burger, I suddenly realized the key is to fry the mac n' cheese to help keep it in the burger.

Menu Description:
'Merica Burger 2.0 Our once a year gift to you, but this year we kicked it up a notch... Our July Burger Of the Month is 100% ground bacon patty, Sriracha bacon, bacon jam, bacon American cheese, fried bacon mac n' cheese, tomato, field greens, bacon pretzel bun.

'Merica Burger 2.0 (July Burger of the Month) (20150720)

Remark: Some time after coming here I found out Sriracha was apparently a fad, which is strange for probably any Asian family who just grew up with Sriracha sitting somewhere in the kitchen or for any family that regularly eats pho. In any case, while I didn't notice it at the time, I noticed at the time of this post that the burger I ordered had Sriracha in it... Could have been any spice... I wouldn't have known the difference. There's also a silliness in the fact that practically everything in the burger is American (bacon, bacon, bacon, mac n' cheese, American cheese) and then you have Sriracha.

[20150821 Edit][Part of Beer Flight at Slater's 50/50 (20150720)]

Slater's 50/50

Beer Battered Jalapenos (20150327)

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