Potbelly Sandwich Shop

So for the past three or so years, I would come back to California and one of my friends who travels a bunch for his work keeps asking if I've eaten at Potbelly. The first time he mentioned it, I told him I'll remember to check it out. Of course, I never did. Then I distinctly remember on two occasions, I was in the Inner Harbor ready to check the place out, but they were either closed or closing! The frustration. Today (20120218) was finally the day I got to try something from Potbelly. I'd have to say I was pleased with what I ordered. Given the choice, I'd choose Potbelly over Quiznos, and Quiznos over Subway.

The choice of Quiznos over Subway is mainly due to an overall impression I get when comparing the two over the many years that I've had subs from both places. Ultimately, personal preferences play a big role. Topping choices and expense are valid factors in such preferences. But this post is for Potbelly, so that's all I'll say about Quiznos and Subway.

I wrote: "Bread: MULTIGRAIN WHEAT BREAD. Size: BIGS. Meat: A WRECK. Toppings (Extra Cost): MUSHROOMS. Toppings (Free): LETTUCE, TOMATO, PICKLE. I like it."

Menu Description:
A WRECK Salami, roast beef, turkey & ham with Swiss cheese.

At the cash register, the cashier asked if I got any extra toppings. I said no and after sitting down I realized I got mushrooms. In this situation, I decided to go back and tell the cashier I got the mushrooms and pay the extra cost.


Potbelly Sandwich Shop

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