Yogurt Passion

For some reason, I've gone to Yogurt Passion three times so far this summer break. That probably accounts for at least half the number times I've been there (and bought something) since it opened! I'm sure by the end of the summer I'll go X more times and I'll be able to say with confidence, "I can't believe I went to Yogurt Passion X+3 times this summer, that's more than half the number of times I've been there (and bought something)."


What I like about Yogurt Passion is the popping flavor bubbles and the condensed milk. Otherwise, the frozen yogurt at Yogurt Passion is icier than the frozen yogurt at Great American Yogurt and Golden Spoon. Personally, I prefer the less icy variety of frozen yogurt. This preference is most likely an extension of how I like my soft-serve vanilla ice cream.

With that being said, the place is spacious and has a bright welcoming look to it. It also has pretty late hours, closing at 11PM on weekdays (M-Th) and midnight on the weekend. Thus, while I would probably always choose Great American Yogurt or Golden Spoon over Yogurt Passion, it's hours of operation and location makes it a place worth going to.



bottom left: blueberry pomegranate;
bottom right: watermelon; top: boysenberry


I wrote: "Cinnamon roll. Espresso. Strawberry-cheesecake. Popping strawberry. Sour worms. Condensed milk. Strawberry-cheesecake tastes great. Other flavors are good too." 20120625 3:00 AM PDT



bottom right: blueberry pomegranate/watermelon
left: either pineapple or mango
top: either mango or pineapple


The birthday cake flavor definitely tastes like cake. It's delicious.

The green tea latte flavor is okay.

The pomegranate raspberry flavor nostalgically reminds me of the similarly flavored push-pops.

After the three samples, I ended up getting peach mango, pomegranate raspberry, and strawberry. For toppings, I got mango poppers, strawberry poppers, mochi topping, and gummy worms.

bottom left: pomegranate raspberry and gummy worms
top: strawberry and strawberry poppers
bottom right: mango and mango poppers

The gummy worms, however, were a mistake. Of course, its one I've made several times now - I can't help it, I love them. While tasty when soft, the gummies harden quickly and become hard to chew.

In any case, the peach mango flavor is a delight and the strawberry flavor is just okay.

I like the mochi topping, but next time I'll try the cheesecake bits. 10:00PM PT


Yogurt Passion

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