Today my friend and I went to Hooters for the All You Can Eat Traditional Wings offered on Tuesdays. Unknowingly, it happened to be National Chicken Wing Day and While it was my first time going to a Hooters, I had previously seen a spoof of the restaurant in the South Park episode "Raisins" (S07E14).

Original and Chipotle Honey.

Overall, our waitress was quite friendly, though not without an ulterior motive: please buy more alcohol. This was momentarily unsettling, but my friend and I essentially acknowledged its truth and went on enjoying the atmosphere.

Parmesan Garlic (bottom) and 3 Mile Island (top)

I wrote: "Chesapeake Rub (good, 5). Teriyaki (really good, 8). Daytona Beach (5). General Tso's (6). Parmesan Garlic (small Parmesan taste, 4; occasionally a stream of tasty garlic, 5). 3 Mile Island (3). [Breaded] Original (buffalo, 6). [Breaded] Chipotle Honey (really good, 9). Habanero BBQ (6). Spicy Garlic (2)." 9:44PM PT

Habanero BBQ and Spicy Garlic.



Daytona Beach and General Tso's

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Chesapeake Rub (bottom) and Teriyaki (top)

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