Taco Grill

Pictured at top-left is blackened fish, at top-right is chicken, at bottom-left is carne asada, and at bottom-right is carnitas (it's possible I have the carne asada and carnitas reversed).

1) The fish was good; I ate it with lime.
2) The bottom left was alright.
3) The chicken was juicy, but sometimes tasted plain. I found the taste of the tortilla dominated the taste of the chicken.
4) Since I was so full at this point, I just finished the meat on last one (bottom right).

Overall, I disliked the tortilla which was a bit thick. I did, however, like the fish taco. 2:20PM PT

Note that while I liked the fish, I don't think this place impressed me enough for me to come back.

Taco Grill

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