Star BBQ

Beef brisket, pork belly, and marinated beef rib.

The buffet costs about twenty-six dollars per person.

Beef brisket.

The brisket was first to finish. It's thin, but tasty. The pork belly (looks like meat with fat) tastes great with the radish wrap! The combination has a perfect taste and texture. The marinated beef rib is tasty too.

Left to right: intestine, spicy chicken, beef tongue, and (more) beef brisket.

I had the tongue first and like the texture. The spicy chicken is spicy and tasty, but was a little burnt in some places.


The intestine tastes both fatty and chewy.

Left to right: bulgogi, pepper pork collar butt, bottom sirloin triangle
Bottom sirloin triangle (top), butt (bottom left), and bulgogi (bottom right).

The bottom sirloin triangle is pretty juicy. Unfortunately, there's not much flavor. 9:17PM PT

(probably) butt

We ordered duplicates, but I stopped writing it down and taking pictures.

(probably) bottom sirloin triangle.

The dessert is a bit icy, but its tart flavor makes its tasty. I guess its more like lemonade-flavored Italian ice. 10:00PM PT

Star BBQ

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